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 Taking Stock And Patrick Stockhausen

Taking Stock is the world’s #1 training company for independent traders that are committed to mastering their financial life and destiny.  Through learning to take charge of their financial mindset, mastering the principles of building wealth and taking only 100 trades in the financial markets, we empower our clients to define and create their own financial future and create a financial legacy for them and their family.

Patrick Stockhausen heads a private investment fund, a privately-held private family office and is the Creator of Financial Legacy Building™. For more than 25 years Patrick Stockhausen has studied the science, psychology and behaviours of building wealth, particularly in the global financial markets. Patrick has extensive knowledge and experience in financial trading and investing, behavioural finances, financial modeling, systems development, money management, trading and wealth psychology, financial business planning, peak performance and much more. Patrick Stockhausen is on his way to creating more consistently profitable financial traders and investors than any other person or training company in history.


david-elliot Our specific goal is and has always been to provide you with the skills necessary to take your trading to the highest possible level. My Technical Trading Patterns provide you with the mechanics necessary to recognize directional money making opportunities before they happen, so you are ahead of the game. But that is only half the story – traders need the right attitude – and that begins with proper psychological preparation. As you know we at WallStreetTeachers rarely advertise anything, even my stuffs, so you KNOW I believe in this. ATTITUDE – is the most important – the KEY ingredient – that evasive force that makes all the difference in life. Make no mistake… this CAN change your trading… and your trading CAN change your life! Follow Patrick Stockhausen… you will be amazed at how great a difference it can make for you! Best Regards, David Elliott, aka “First Wave” Twice Voted World’s #1 Market Timer

ron “Today, more and more individual investors are making the move toward handling their own investments. Among the necessary skills needed to be a consistently successful investor, confidence and discipline along with a level and balanced psychological approach to trading are necessary yet quite overlooked skills. Many new investors find themselves unfortunately lacking in these areas and are not sure what to do. In my years educating individual investors and professional traders alike, I have found no program, nor any instructor equipped to help investors in these areas better than Patrick Stockhausen. Patrick’s specific effectiveness in this are comes from the fact he went through the same experience of learning how to handle his own investments and going through training classes on this topic like everyone else. Due to this experience, Patrick is uniquely qualified to help individual investors who seek to follow the same path he actually travelled himself! I highly recommend to all individual investors who are finding trouble handling the “psychological” side of trading to seek Patrick’s help in attaining the necessary skills to help ensure consistent profitability in their attempt to navigate through the murky waters of today’s financial markets.” Ron Ianieri Former Floor Trader, Market Maker & Specialist. Financial Educator

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Programs To Become A Consistently Profitable Trader


Ultimate Trading Masterminds

1o World Renowned Trading Masters Reveal Their Winning Secrets To  Becoming A Predictably Profitable Trader… Developing More Discipline…  Creating A Winning System And… Developing The Secret Mindset Of Trading And Financial Success COMING SOON…… Click here to access your free training

Programs To Develop A Consistently Profitable Traders’ Psychology And

The Millionaire Wealth Builder’s Mindset


Ultimate Trading Psychology

A Beginners Guide To Developing A Winning Trader’s Mindset. Mind Rewiring For Active Traders & Investors Have you ever wondered why you could have two traders, trading the same profitable system… and one trader consistently and easily makes money… while the other trader loses money and fails to gain any form of consistency? Why is it some traders can sit patiently all day waiting for a trade, even a week or two, while most fail because of their lack of patience and discipline? Discover the six fundamental and powerful psychological skills that you as a trader need to know right now that will enable you to follow your plan and trade with discipline and patience. Click here to access your free training


Goal Setting For Financial Traders And Investors

The Secret Goal Setting Process Of The 1% That Hardwires Them For Financial Success Have you ever wondered why you have not achieved your financial goals? Do you want to know the goal setting process of the 1% of financial achievers that enables them to make more money each year? This FREE video training reveals the mistakes 99% of financial traders and investors are making and the financial goal setting process that hardwires you for immediate financial success. Click here to access your free training

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