Is Your Account Earmarked For Destruction?

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  • March 16, 2020

They say when shoeshine boys and taxi drivers are giving stock tips, it’s time to get out of the market.

If you do what the masses are doing in the markets, you will give your account to the few who are doing the opposite.

I think over the last 14 days, I have taken more calls than ever, particularly from non-traders saying

“Should I buy X stock? If I buy it and it goes up, I will make a killing. What do you think?”

If amateurs are talking about buying stocks in this crash, does this mean the crash has only just begun?

There are THREE LEVELS in trading.

Only one of them will enable you to create consistent results.

If your goal is to survive or thrive in this current extreme market volatility, then you need to trade at the right level.

If you trade an approach above your level, your account will be earmarked for destruction.

Discover what the three levels are and which level you need to focus on, regardless of if it is a bull, bear or neutral market.


See you in the session





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