20 Day Trades On An Average System That Makes $50,000

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  • November 4, 2014


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  • Somnono says:

    hi i saw a video about the 20 period moving period, and was wondering if i could the option to download it please

  • Edward Breslin says:

    Focusing on a block of 20 trades is the way to go.

  • wout says:

    This is exactly right. Van Tharp also mentions it in an other manner. Love the stats those are totally the ones you need to know on your sample size of trades. Being right is not about having a profitable trade but about having placed the trade according to your plan, that’s the only thing that matters once you already know your system/method’s statistics.

  • glenn says:

    practice daily super important

  • Bruce says:

    When I saw you trading, I finally realized what was trading in the zone really was. It was blocks of 20, with no emotion.

  • Carolyn D says:

    The person who hears, understands, and integrates the information presented in this short video into their beliefs about trading will have tremendous power in the markets.

  • Steve M says:

    I like the Video. The concepts seem to make a lot of sense. Seems logical.
    Question: To learn and set up an Evaluation process of my Trades like you did in the video, Does Van Tharp’s book “Trade your way to Financial Freedom” explain all that, or just the part on Expectancy? If not, where else can I get instruction or information about the Evaluation Process of the Trades?

  • Lawrence Schutte says:

    I don’t disagree with anything you say Patrick, however, I do disagree with some of what you don’t say. Of course, you don’t promise “master this and everything will be good”, but you do seem to imply something rather similar. My point is that (in my limited experience) there are lots of other things that go wrong with trading in addition to the control of one’s emotions. Therefore, for a lot of people, trading in a block with even-keeled emotions, may not make the magic difference. Basically, I propose that the issue is still more complicated (or perhaps still simpler, depending on your point of view) than the essential attributes that you outline here.

  • Odyssey says:

    Interesting concept … thanks for presenting it!

  • david says:

    very interesting

  • Ed says:

    Successful training is about having a positive expectancy trading plan, not focusing on any individual trade, not desiring to be right or wrong because you just don’t know and you shouldn’t care, trading blocks of 20 and having a positive mental mindset

  • Murray says:

    Sounds like sensible info.

  • Betsy Burnell says:

    A great opportunity, Patrick. Will look forward to it.

  • Ed says:

    Makes total sense. Trying to develop my system now.

  • carol says:

    The first issue with most people is not having a written, defined system for those 20 trades in the first place. Most people are light years away from being able to place those 20 trades with a single set of rules.

    • Charl says:

      That is why Patrick has the course Sunday Insiders, to give people a system that they are able to operate with a full set of rules, business plan and the psychology to execute the system.

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