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Monthly Charts Versus Weekly Charts Versus Daily Charts Verses Intraday Charts. Which Will Make & Lose Most Retail Traders Money?

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Which will make you richer the quickest. (a) Monthly Charts? (b) Weekly Charts? (c) Daily Charts? (d) Intraday Charts? “Throughout history, the market’s biggest winners have adhered to weekly technical patterns much more consistently than daily patterns. For this reason, institutional investors tend to base their buy and sell decisions based entirely on weekly (and sometimes monthly) patterns.” The general rule is that the shorter the time period of a chart, the more  random noise you’ll get. That’s why experienced investors begin by looking at a  weekly chart, rather than a daily chart. The weekly chart smoothes out some of…

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Try Doing The Opposite Of This & See If Your Account Grows 1, 2, 3 or 4 Times Faster

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I just had an interesting conversation with someone that I think will help you to create and build more financial wealth.  I will sum up  the conversation for you. I shall call him “John” for his privacy.   John: Hi Patrick I have been getting your emails, and I have your products but I am not sure they will work for me. I have not tried applying the product yet but I honestly do not think it will really make a difference to my finances.   Patrick: Then why did you buy them?   John: I’m not sure. I think…

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