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If Your Mindset Stuff Is So Great Patrick, Did You Short Silver?

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  I received an email yesterday from a subscriber and I thought rather than reply to him privately I thought I would publicly answer it. Below is his email and my reply to it. I shall take his name out for obvious reason.   Hi Patrick, I have a quick question for you. If your mindset stuff is so great it would mean you see money making opportunities as they develop. It would mean you and the 1-3% would have saw something the 97% did not!!!!!! Everyone was expecting silver to go up, did you do the opposite and capture…

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Have You Been Lied To About What Trading Is About?

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    Have you been told, or have you unintentionally convinced yourself about these lies about money and trading?   These lies cause 97% of financial traders and investors to make most of the money losing mistakes that exist.   Please scroll down to see part 2, beliefs and lies about trading.   Please Comment Below And Share What The Top Two Insights Were For You About This Post.     Part 1 Beliefs & Lies About Money         Part 2 Beliefs & Lies About Trading          

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Say This Before And While In Every Trade To Gain The Mindset That Helps Create Consistency In Your Trading

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      “I accept that this trade may not work this time & I may not be right. This trade could win or lose. I know my system will win in this block of 20 trades because I have tested it and I know the odds. Only by following all my rules, accepting I can win and lose and taking all the trades will I win overall. My system is based on identifying collective behaviour expressed in a mathematical form on a chart and is the sum of people buying and selling. Technical patterns do exist and they repeat themselves, but not every time….

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Why A Billionaire Said “It Is Your DNA That Will Determine Your Financial Net Worth”… And How To Change It?

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    What is your prime motivation for trading, investing and building wealth? Is it because you want a particular lifestyle or something else? Rich people’s desires are different from 99% of the world’s… and you need to align yours with theirs to achieve your financial goals…. otherwise you will keep getting more of what you already have. Discover why a billionaire said “It is your DNA that determines if you will be wealthy or not.”, what your DNA is guiding you to do with your money and what rich people are driven by.   After Watching The Video Please Post Below What…

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