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How YOU, Your Friends, Family And The Media Are Training You To Be Poor

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      I bought my wife a new Mercedes 4×4 to get her and the kids around. Unfortunately I never visualized or realized when buying it, that it would turn into my responsibility to get it cleaned.   Today, I was out getting the car cleaned. As I sat waiting in the waiting room, I noticed a man in front of me with his partner who had a similar jacket on as my own. I looked him up and down out of curiosity. Under his chair, I saw £1 on the floor. My natural reaction was to pick it…

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The truth will set you free and make you rich

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Patrick Stockhausen: The truth will set you free and make you rich By Justin Pugsley   Here’s the thing. If you’re not making money in the forex markets, it’s very likely that it is not because of your trading system, though that could be a factor, or the markets. It’s most likely that it’s down to you. At first that statement might seem accusing or even confrontational – but it’s actually very empowering as is explained in this interview. It basically says that anyone who is struggling with their trading has the power to turn it around. This brings us…

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