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The Weekly Review And Trading Opportunities This Week 1st -5th December 2014

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Your Market Outlook, The Winning Traders Mindset & How To Capture The Market’s Biggest Trends This Week Get your free weekly email covering the outlook of the stock, commodities, gold, property and dollar markets •The winning trader’s mindset •How to trade a system that fits you and captures the biggest trends in the market •… and much, much more

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The Markets This Week Monday 24th – Friday 28th Nov 2014

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  All information and statements contained in this material are based on research and are intended for educational purposes only and is not financial advice, financial recommendation(s), or to be used as to treat, diagnose, or prevent any specific disease, psychological or medical condition. All individuals are encouraged to seek the advice of their medical professional regarding any specific health or psychological concerns or registered financial advisory service, consultants or professionals for specific financial advice.  Taking Stock Marketing Ltd, Taking Stock Limited and Patrick Stockhausen do not provide personal advice. Before acting on any advice in this email you should…

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Trading is the ultimate measure of personal development?

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Do you agree with the following statement?      Do you agree with this, and to what degree is the love of personal development the reason you are trading? Are you trading because you have a background in personal development or are you only trading because it is a possible way to make money for your lifestyle needs and to pay your bills?

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