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Replay Of Friday Over My Shoulder Session

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THE WEEKLY MARKET REVIEW OVER A PROFESSIONAL TRADER’S SHOULDER. (Part of the Sunday Insiders package) Once per week, in a group environment, you get access to look over the shoulder of a professional trader so that you can hear and watch how a professional trader: • Analyses the markets for the BIG swing and trend wealth building opportunities • Knows what to do, when to do it and how to financially capitalize from it • Creates massive wealth in the best bull and bear markets • Identifies potential mid and long term directional swing and trend trading opportunities via ETF’s…

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How Kipp Applied My Trading Psychology To Lose Weight & Change His Life

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Patrick, When I listened to the interview you posted with Caroline Hinton, your suggestion to get her health in line first really hit home for me. In addition to that, hearing you speak of knowing our values and aligning our goals to our values has been hammered into my head. You’ve talked about values in the Sunday Insiders, most of the FREE material you give away, and especially in the Millionaire Mindset sessions. I really didn’t have a clue what my real values were before listening to your material. I thought they were one thing, but in doing the exercises,…

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How To Play The Trading Game You Can Win And Create Consistently Profitable Results

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    “Individual investors like you can win, but only if you do not try and beat the pros at their own game. You can win but you cannot do it by trying to beat the system, you do not even want to try. I have 1,500 employees and 40 years of experience and it is a tough game for me. This is a poker game with the best poker players on earth. Poker, like investing in the markets is a zero sum game. For every winner there is going to be losers. As soon as you are in that…

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