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 Patrick Stockhausen

Patrick Stockhausen heads a privately-held family office and is the Creator of Financial Legacy Building™ and The Financial Legacy Building System™

For more than 25 years Patrick Stockhausen has studied the science, psychology and behaviours of building wealth, particularly in the global financial markets. 

Patrick has extensive knowledge and experience in financial trading and investing, behavioural finances, financial modeling, systems development, money management, trading and wealth psychology, financial business planning, peak performance and much more.

His clients include Hedge Fund Managers, Commodity Trading Advisors, Family Offices, HNWI & their families… and those that are passionate about building wealth in the markets.

As a financial educator he is the creator of more than 20 products and programs on the topic of the psychology and practice of successful trading and wealth building. 

As a consultant, he is renowned for providing cutting-edge psychological strategies for awakening the individual’s drive to achieving an inspired wealth mission and also for taking elite financial achievers to the next level.

Patrick Stockhausen has shared his wealth transformative principles and methodologies in seminars, conferences and private consultations with private traders and investors, business executives, entrepreneurs, real estate developers and money and asset managers in order to raise their game and results.

As a former TV presenter, his unique style of delivery entertains, empowers, enthuses and creates results. Patrick’s message of wealth accumulation has inspired millions across the world to pursue and achieve the financial destiny they desire.

Furthermore, he has worked, presented or created projects alongside many other well respected professionals including Market Wizards series author Jack Schwager, Former Floor Trader and CNBC’s Jon Najarian, Market Wizard Dr. Van Tharp, Hedge Fund Manager and Tasty Trade’s Tim Knight, International Trading Champion Rob Hoffman, the world’s #1 market timer David Elliot, and many more

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