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Why You Must Set And Measure Your Financial Goals To Achieve Financial Success

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 Want To Know How To Set And Achieve Your  Financial Goals & Hardwire Yourself For Financial Success?   Then check out my free training video here.  A MUST – WATCH TRAINING By One Of The World’s Leading Wealth Mind Experts Revealing The  Goal Setting Process Of The 1% Of Financial Achievers That Enables Them To Make More Money  Than The Remaining 99% Of The Population Combined. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Like this episode? Please share it! I can keep this blog and all my podcasts and videos ad-free and sponsor-free ONLY because you share my work! Please share or subscribe to my facebook and YouTube channel too! __________________________________________________________________________________________________        …

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How Kipp Applied My Trading Psychology To Lose Weight & Change His Life

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Patrick, When I listened to the interview you posted with Caroline Hinton, your suggestion to get her health in line first really hit home for me. In addition to that, hearing you speak of knowing our values and aligning our goals to our values has been hammered into my head. You’ve talked about values in the Sunday Insiders, most of the FREE material you give away, and especially in the Millionaire Mindset sessions. I really didn’t have a clue what my real values were before listening to your material. I thought they were one thing, but in doing the exercises,…

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