Change The Limit Of Your Self Perception And You Change Your Financial Life

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  • September 9, 2014

Watch this entire video presentation and discover how every person in the world has a

mirror image of themselves in their mind…. and how this image is incorrect for 99% of

people to achieve their financial goals.


This mirror image is one of the main causes of running out of money, not keeping

ahead of increasing living costs, limiting account growth or even causing traders to lose

money every year.


Furthermore, in this video you will see how researchers have proven that by changing

the image of yourself, you change how much you can make every year, month, week or

even day.



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  • Bruce P says:

    Excellent video, Your help in the last few years had made a big difference!

  • Giorgio says:

    Very nice, clear accurate absolutely true information. We are simply what we BE, and LIVE. Beautiful.

  • George P. says:

    This was a brilliant piece. I have been trading for 4 years, and have had horrendous results. However in the past few weeks, I have been watching a lot of mind movies, and really trying to capture the feeling of success, and that has already made a huge difference. I am now “filtering” out big winners that have always been there, but I just was never aware of. Keep doing it bro!

  • Bevon Tyrell says:

    Excellent psychology makes you change the way you think about yourself & challenges you to move away from your comfort zone in life, business, & society.

  • Edward Breslin says:

    My Inside Beliefs = My Outside Reality