How Kipp Applied My Trading Psychology To Lose Weight & Change His Life

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  • December 4, 2014

19 day juice fast


When I listened to the interview you posted with Caroline Hinton, your suggestion to get her health in line first really hit home for me. In addition to that, hearing you speak of knowing our values and aligning our goals to our values has been hammered into my head. You’ve talked about values in the Sunday Insiders, most of the FREE material you give away, and especially in the Millionaire Mindset sessions.

I really didn’t have a clue what my real values were before listening to your material. I thought they were one thing, but in doing the exercises, it was apparent they were not. I thought health and fitness was high on my values list. I’ve been lying to myself on this one and it explains a lot of frustration on why I wasn’t in better shape. One honest look in the mirror should have told me it wasn’t high on my list (it was number 9).

While I started this journey with you to help my trading, what I’m finding is so much beyond that. If I work on myself (starting with my values) everything about me changes. The ripple effects are enormous. I wanted to get myself healthier and in shape and changing my value on this has helped. You’ve taught how to change our values and I’ve been applying that training. Additionally, I’ve been reading The Values Factor by John DeMartini as you suggested. What an incredible book! I’d recommend this book to anyone.

I linked getting in shape with some of my higher values. Exhortation is something I love doing any chance I get. Knowing that, I took before and after pictures so I could post them on a Facebook support page for juicing. Sharing my results helped some others stick to their goals. Since I need more discipline in my trading, I promised myself I would complete a 19 day juice fast to build personal discipline. I promised myself I would not deviate from the juice fast and if I could do this, I then build a foundation to help me in my trading discipline. Hence, this fast would help me in my trading to become more profitable. I saw the link.

I successfully finished the 19 day juice fast and dropped 17.4 pounds. I feel incredible and I’ve got more energy than ever. The way I see myself has also changed. Being in shape improves my self esteem. Having a better self esteem has ripple effects into other areas and values.

What’s been really great is being able to keep the weight off. On Thanksgiving Day, I only had one regular sized plate of food. I didn’t care to have seconds and thirds as most end up doing on this day. I was really happy to easy eat one plate and not care for another. I used internal questions to like, “Why do I want to be healthy?”, “How will I feel if I eat another plate of food?”, etc. I also attached more pain to eating a second plate than the temporary pleasure it would give me. Redirecting pain and pleasure choices is huge!

I could go on and on but I’ll close with this…. Thank you so much for the quality information you present. If anyone doubts that understanding your values is important and isn’t really spending the time on this area, they’re making a big mistake. Changing your values can change your life!

Kip Coon
Dallas, Texas

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