How YOU, Your Friends, Family And The Media Are Training You To Be Poor

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  • October 12, 2014




I bought my wife a new Mercedes 4×4 to get her and the kids around. Unfortunately I never visualized or realized when buying it, that it would turn into my responsibility to get it cleaned.


Today, I was out getting the car cleaned. As I sat waiting in the waiting room, I noticed a man in front of me with his partner who had a similar jacket on as my own. I looked him up and down out of curiosity. Under his chair, I saw £1 on the floor. My natural reaction was to pick it up and put it in my pocket. But I thought it might have fallen out of his pocket and he may be unaware of it. Maybe I had better let him know.


“Excuse me young man,” I said, “I have no idea if it’s yours or not but I am going to give you the benefit of doubt”. He looked at me in a bemused manner.  “Right under your chair is £1 and it may have fallen out of your pocket. I thought I would let you know.”


He looked at me and said thank you. He then did something rather strange which gave me a powerful insight into life and how we set ourselves up in life to fail financially. Here is what he did.


He picked the £1 up and offered it his girlfriend. Nothing wrong with that I hear you say. Ok, bear with me. His girlfriend said “No thank you I do not want it.” At this stage I, as a wealth mind expert and  financial educator, am observing their behaviour around money. So as he kept offering the money to his girlfriend out of guilt of picking something up that clearly wasn’t his, I then intervened. 


“If you are not going to keep it, I will have it. However, understand I did offer it to you first.” I said to him looking him in his eyes as I nodded my head to give an unconscious command of its ok to do this.  To my surprise he stretched out his arm and offered me the money.


I instantly took it off him and said,


 “Thank you, that is going into my savings account.” He laughed at my statement. So I looked at him and said , “If you ever win the lottery, please understand I will be calling you, as I now know that you don’t keep money… you just give it away.” He laughed and said, ok.






This is a brilliant example of how people give money away no matter how they come into it. This is an example of what I keep teaching every week. This is what lottery winners, people that come into an inheritance or a large windfall do.


Now, here is what I know. What is interesting is you may be thinking you would not have done what that gentleman did. You would have kept the money, right?. How stupid of him, correct?


Here is the interesting thing. You are doing this every month. In fact we set our lives up to do this every month.  Here is how.


If you have any money coming in, be that a job, self employment, a business, benefits, no matter what the source of the income, and save 10% of your monthly income ( which is 9% greater than the average savings), you are giving away 90% of the money that came to you each month.


“But Patrick,” I hear you saying. “It costs money to live. I have to spend this money.”


You have set your life up to give money away. And the person you are giving the money gets to keep YOUR MONEY. The 1%. In reality all the “stuff” you have has been created to exchange YOUR MONEY for stuff. You are a consumer, programmed through the media, friends and society to give away your money each month, believing this stuff is great,  necessary and fair exchange for YOUR MONEY!


And here is the funny and disturbing thing. Most people want MORE MONEY so they can set their lives up to give away even more money for MORE STUFF.


You are in reality doing exactly what that guy did to me today. Being given money, and setting your life up to give money away for a feeling. 


Most people want to trade so they have more money coming in… just to give it away. They want more money to give it away in exchange for more stuff.


Am I saying you need to have zero expenses and need to save and invest every single penny that comes to you? No! I am saying you need to make a conscious choice about saving a percentage of your money. If your goal is to be rich and/or have financial freedom you have to decide to KEEP a decent percentage of the money that comes to you and stop giving it away. 


Many of the greatest wealth builders saved 50% of THEIR MONEY to grow MASSIVE WEALTH.


The media, society, communities and families have trained 99% people to look at the lifestyle of the rich, envy it to one degree or the other, focus on that part of their lives and try and emulate it. As a result, 99% of people  end up giving all their money away trying to live a nice lifestyle. The truth is you need to look at what the 1%  are doing with the other 50% of their money. 


So how do you learn to not give money away and keep it? How do you condition your mind so that you not only know what to do, but also have the mindset to do it consistently?


Unfortunately it takes money to learn not to give it away. You have to give money away to gain an education not to give money away.  But if you don’t pay to learn to stop giving it away and learn how to keep and multiply it, you will keep giving it away, like the guy did with me today, every month for life.


This is exactly what I teach in Sunday Insiders. How to manage your money and keep it. How to spot the BIG money making opportunities, take it and profit from it. How to keep the money and grow them and the mindset to do it consistently… and much, much more.


Right now membership is closed, however when it re-opens, I will let you know.


So until then, stop giving your money away in exchange for stuff. Keep your money and stop giving it away unless it is going to teach you how to keep and grow it.




Patrick Stockhausen





  • Randy says:

    You have the gall to use that young man as an example of poor money management over gifting a one pound note to his girlfriend? Wellthen you should not have just informed us you gifted your own sweetheart with a brand new and expensive Mercedes when a brand new Honda Accord would have sufficed.

    I did enjoy your webinar.. I also consider myself a good steward of money and I still have the assumption that can be said of you as well.. but this was not a good example. You are capable of doing far better.

    • admin says:

      wow… I still have the assumption that can be said of you as well……..a brand new Honda Accord would have sufficed

      A Honda Accord may have sufficed you or your wife BUT not mine.

      The point is not about the fact he offered the money to his girlfriend… the point was he then gave it away to me. You are looking at the wrong thing… my lifestyle and missing the key lesson. Most people save less than 1% of their money and even less buy or create assets. They too focus on the wrong thing. Lifestyle. A great and sustainable lifestyle is a by product of saving, investing and growing wealth with cash flow from assets, and not swapping your time for money but having your money make you money.

      Shame and guilt are the two biggest reason people give money away. Why? Because the person who feels shame or guilt feels they do not deserve and less than. When people feel that way, to obtain equilibrium within themselves, they give.

      As stated in the article….. Many of the greatest wealth builders saved 50% of THEIR MONEY to grow MASSIVE WEALTH.The media, society, communities and families have trained 99% people to look at the lifestyle of the rich, envy it to one degree or the other, focus on that part of their lives and try and emulate it. As a result, 99% of people end up giving all their money away trying to live a nice lifestyle. The truth is you need to look at what the 1% are doing with the other 50% of their money.

      If you are saving 50-100% of your money, have assets generating cash flow that pay for your lifestyle and what you deem to be an expensive car… then do so. If not, buy a Honda accord or Skoda.


      Randy enjoy your day, as you obvious did not get the point.

    • BKap says:

      What the hell has the kind of car Patrick bought his wife (not gifted his sweetheart) got to do with the price of butter in Bucharest?

      Patrick is spot on… “99% people to look at the lifestyle of the rich, envy it to one degree or the other, focus on that part of their lives”

      Randy you just proved Patrick’s point!

  • admin says:

    As stated in the article….The truth is you need to look at what the 1% are doing with the other 50% of their money.

    I may well be taking some of my money and buying Randy some glasses!

  • John says:

    But Patrick you gave someone money to clean your car. You could have cleaned it yourself for 20minutes of your time and 50 cents worth of soap. You know I’m just messing with you Patrick

  • Randy says:

    A total bunch of nonsense exhibiting shallow thinking at best.

    Dare I suggest that not even one of you, including Patrick, have any intimate knowledge of this young man’s wealth mindset, finances or in fact anything else about him? I think that is probably a pretty fair assumption.

    In that case, drawing wild conclusions about his mindset and his financial affairs based only upon him giving away a measly one pound note found by Patrick instead of himself, is entirely without merit.

    I did not attack Patrick’s idea about how the rich think differently from the poor and middle classes about money and assets. It is a well known fact that is true. I only mentioned that I thought the example was very poor and not truly demonstrative of Patrick’s points, not that his points in general do not hold true for large numbers of people. Extrapolating from this tiny event that this fellow is somehow a prime example of an incorrect wealth mindset or that he probably has the wrong focus about his financial affairs is simply unsupportable.

    To the fellow who disagrees that buying for is gifting or that a wife should not also be a sweetheart.. no further comments are warranted.

    I am well aware of the wealth mindset and did not miss the point despite the weak example.

    • admin says:

      Randy. It is a universal truth that your mind generalizes, deletes and distorts information with very few number of trails. The stronger the emotional experience behind the trail, the faster the brain accepts the conditioning. A phobia is an extreme example of this. A one trail learning experience that generalizes the feeling of fear to the object, person, place or situation. Money is a very, very emotionally charged subject and 99.2% of the world are not financially free due to their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values about money. It doesn’t take many experiences for the mind to generalize about money. If you feel any shame or guilt that you do not deserve something you will refuse to accept the thing. If you accept it, and you have any feelings of shame or guilt, you will unconsciously give it away to release the feelings and inner conflict. If you have no value on saving and investing you will give the money away. If you unconsciously have negative beliefs about money, you will unconsciously give it away. If the gentleman had done something that he felt he deserved the pound, say he won a competition in the waiting area, and he offered it his girlfriend and she said no.. imagine I said I will have it. Do you believe he would have given it to me? Not likely. If his girlfriend did something that won or earned the one pound and he offered it her, do you believe she would have rejected accepting the money? Again not likely. If she for some crazy reason she said no thank you, and I said I will have it, do you believe they would have consented to giving it to me? So it is obvious that psychologically they did not feel they deserved the money, valued they money, or that they associate something negative with the money… and thus gave it away. A wise person could extrapolate from this, and history and statistics prove this, if it was £10,000 under the chair they would have most likely have kept it, but they have a 99.2% chance of spending it, not investing it and it returning back to the 1%.. just like the experiment that took place in Tibet when all the wealth was equally distributed. Next time you are out and someone points out money under your chair of the domination of one pound or more… and they says you can have it.. give it away Randy. I have one simple question for you Randy.. are you financially free…. are you one of the 1%?

  • Better yet is he making money as a trader? is he consistently profitable? The fact he is on your list Patrick is most likely a sign that he realizes his thinking is faulty around money and trading. He isn’t on your list because he just likes to hang out with you. Most people on your list, and that stay on your list and attend your webinars or buy your products are here because they realize psychology is the key to trading success and they need your help. So Randy is just fighting himself to keep his own limitations. So Randy .. How do you like them apples?

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