If Your Mindset Stuff Is So Great Patrick, Did You Short Silver?

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  • March 27, 2014


I received an email yesterday from a subscriber and I thought rather than reply to him privately I thought I would publicly answer it. Below is his email and my reply to it. I shall take his name out for obvious reason.


Hi Patrick, I have a quick question for you. If your mindset stuff is so great it would mean you see money making opportunities as they develop. It would mean you and the 1-3% would have saw something the 97% did not!!!!!! Everyone was expecting silver to go up, did you do the opposite and capture the short move? Thus as you said in one of your prior emails “when everyone is looking up, look down, and vice versa.”.. furthermore can you prove you saw it rather than just saying yes you did, as I would like some form of proof! And if you did see and take it, can you teach me how to see and take these trades?




Thank you for your email. Yes I did see it and take it. I have a group that I teach privately every week, made up of subscribers just like you, where I show them every week, for free, what I am looking at in the markets. 


I showed them the trade and several of the members of the group also took it. Please understand a lot of them did not as they could not see what I saw on this trade, they were looking for the trade to continue up. Even though I have pointed out countless number of winning trades to them, their beliefs stop them from seeing what I see. 


Please bear in mind I do not teach trading or investing systems. I learnt to create a system by following people like Van Tharp, David Elliot, etc. I highly recommend you find one of the many great educators, mentors or institutions out there who are great teachers in that game. I’m the person you call when you have been trading or investing for a while and you have everything you need to succeed but you keep losing like 97% of financial traders and investors… or when you are stuck at a certain point and you cannot take your game to the next level. When you are finally ready to consider what the 1-3% of successful rich traders, investors and entrepreneurs understand, which is, that what is stopping you gaining the results you desire is YOU and your mindset, that’s when I can help you.


Below is the short market review session video I held, showing my group where to get in. You will also see where we stated we were going to short gold several weeks ago.










  • Bruce says:

    Excellent video, mindset is where most people need help and that’s why I follow you!
    Thank You!

  • John Davis says:

    This points to a negative belief for me. Was long in gold asx:ncm using monthly and weekly charts filtered out the long term trend (down) and went long. When stock turned investigation revealed down trend which was always there but blocked by Reticular Activation System as unimportant with regard to proving my belief correct. Truth was trading a retracement only. Always double check long term trend.