Testimonials And Endorsements


“Our specific goal is and has always been to provide you with the skills necessary to take your trading to the highest possible level. My Technical Trading Patterns provide you with the mechanics necessary to recognize directional money making opportunities before they happen, so you are ahead of the game. But that is only half the story – traders need the right attitude – and that begins with proper psychological preparation. As you know we at WallStreetTeachers rarely advertise anything, even my stuffs, so you KNOW I believe in this. ATTITUDE – is the most important – the KEY ingredient – that evasive force that makes all the difference in life. Make no mistake… this CAN change your trading… and your trading CAN change your life! Follow Patrick Stockhausen… you will be amazed at how great a difference it can make for you!”

David Elliott, aka “First Wave”

Twice Voted World’s #1 Market Timer

“As someone who is normally on the inquiring side of trader interviews, I appreciated the excellent job Patrick Stockhausen did in asking the right questions and in drawing out pertinent and informative replies. I did indeed listen to my own interview, and I am very pleased with the final product. I truly believe the contents of this interview provide sound trading advice and that aspiring traders should find ideas that help improve their own trading.”

Jack Schwager
Author of the Market Wizards series


“Today, more and more individual investors are making the move toward handling their own investments. Among the necessary skills needed to be a consistently successful investor, confidence and discipline along with a level and balanced psychological approach to trading are necessary yet quite overlooked skills. Many new investors find themselves unfortunately lacking in these areas and are not sure what to do. In my years educating individual investors and professional traders alike, I have found no program, nor any instructor equipped to help investors in these areas better than Patrick Stockhausen. Patrick’s specific effectiveness in this are comes from the fact he went through the same experience of learning how to handle his own investments and going through training classes on this topic like everyone else. Due to this experience, Patrick is uniquely qualified to help individual investors who seek to follow the same path he actually travelled himself! I highly recommend to all individual investors who are finding trouble handling the “psychological” side of trading to seek Patrick’s help in attaining the necessary skills to help ensure consistent profitability in their attempt to navigate through the murky waters of today’s financial markets.”

Ron Ianieri
Former Floor Trader, Market Maker & DELL Specialist.
Financial Educator


“This is a fantastic must-see program!  Through Patrick’s thorough interview process, traders at all levels of their journey will be able to get inside my mind, and that of other top professionals from around the world.  The interview with me involved three intensive hours to get at the heart of what makes me tick as a trader and why and how I trade the way I do.  These are the same mindset and strategy techniques that I have used to win numerous domestic and international trading competitions around the world. I told Patrick if he was going to offer it to the public, in order for me to be a part of it, it would have to be good.  So he spent three hours getting into my mind and asking all of the right kinds of questions that traders need to know.  If traders really listen to this three hour interview me, it will truly help them Become A Better Trader!  Isn’t that what it’s all about?”

Rob Hoffman,
2x International Trading Champion, 4x Traders Expo Trading Champion


“Trading and investing has been a lifelong passion of mine, as has been the joy of teaching hundreds of thousands of others how to trade.  I was very blessed to have had some outstanding mentors early on in my career.  Mentors who taught me, inspired me and drove me to achieve success, regardless of the setbacks along the way.  I am very proud to have been invited to participate in this extraordinary program with Patrick Stockhausen.  Patrick and I spent more than two hours discussing a wide range of trading concepts, strategies and psychology.  I called upon my twenty years of trading experience and the many lessons I’ve learnt from both the market and my mentors.  I know you will find outstanding value in the wisdom we can share with you, as well as from the many other highly experienced mentors who have been interviewed as well.  May I wish you all profitable trading!”

Daniel Kertcher

Professional Trader, Educator, Senior Investment Officer


“Hi Patrick, I know that we have a business relationship but just as an example of how you are organising my mindset in business , how it is spilling over into my personal life as well. I told you that 3 years ago I was diagnosed as a total paraplegic – paralysed from below my arms ! Well I remember ‘ imaging’ in my wheel chair in hospital that I was walking again and skiing again. I have achieved-that but a little bit jerky still and I had reached a plateau in my recovery. When you explained how ‘ we don’t sometimes get what we want , but we always get who we are’, I changed the imaging on my capabilities and started to look at my identity instead. What a boost this has given me – I have started to run now – 150 paces this morning !! I nearly let my temporary disability become a permanent one in my identity !!

So just to encourage you Patrick – I know that we are all just beginners at being profitable traders – but your work does have an awful lot of real value to us and I for one am very grateful.

I thought that I needed to write and thank you for your service. Last night , after the Friday night live session – a light turned on !! After 3 years of trading I have just realised that I have been looking at the whole thing wrong…..Don’t they say that – ‘if you change the way you look at something – then the thing you look at changes’ . I guess out of desperation I had been looking at getting money out of the charts rather than enjoying the charts. Perhaps people like me who come to you are at our last – but still not given up …. only skint … lol…maybe it just isn’t in some people to give up !

As my eyes are changing , your words that you repeat and repeat and repeat , start to come into my mind at every new discovery that I find in the charts. All of my earnestly studied but fragmented education in trading over the years is now being tied down and anchored onto something solid – that was looking at trading all wrong. Don’t they say that ‘ the truth is best hidden in plain sight’ that is certainly true in the charts. I am not saying that I have got it yet ,but I am a bricklayer by trade and served my 3 year apprenticeship when I was 16 . I have been in building and construction all of my life and I love it. Although the materials and methods of construction change all the time so I can’t say that I know it – what doesn’t change is the fundamentals of what keeps the building up. I believe this is what you are showing us – so that we can build our own design on time tested foundations of a good system, a good business plan and a mindset that will allow us to be able to grow into millionaire traders. Knowing that the trend is my friend until it bends is quite different than believing that -the trend is my friend until it transitions into a stage 3 or a stage 1……! ”



“Patrick, thanks for the class today, I appreciate the fact that you volunteered to do the trading session and took time out of your work day to share your ideas with us. I especially appreciate that this wasn’t simply a gimmick to sell us some other product or service. What I learned from your seminar today was significant for me. The absolute most important thing was to use the MAP patterns as a base for a trading strategy. My problem in the past with the MAP patterns has been that they are fractal, as advertised, but that turns out to be a bad thing because like you mentioned, which line or signal do you take? Do I go with the first touch of the 20 SMA on the five minute chart or should I wait until the 15 min chart hits its 20 SMA which is a few ticks away? Then on top of that, the other indicators would create doubt because I would use them as the primary signal and ignore the MAP signals, always looking for the better entry and instead finding confusion and frustration so I gave up. Now I will be able to go back and create a system and back test it with confidence. I also picked up on the stage evaluation. I learned about this from Brian Shannon’s book, but never applied it. It makes sense now to create a system for one or more of the stages, then wait for the underlying to move into that stage with a trigger that I’ve verified. The ATR was also very helpful. I like how it will increase or decrease the stop based on how volatile the market has been over recent periods. I’ve always had a problem with setting arbitrary stops which tend to be in areas where market makers know they’ll be, like just under support. Trading in batches of 20 to evaluate a system will be very helpful. My goal now is to test my system in various stages in batches of 20 and test the successful ones further to confirm the results. I still have a lot of work to do but I feel more confident now that I have a pathway to become successful at trading. Thanks again.”



“Patrick, I am grateful for you sharing your thoughts with me today about my stuck points in regards to trading and investing. I had developed some really bad habits with my daily routine that was not in line with what you have been teaching us in the Sunday Insiders and MTM. I can see that now, but I also felt out of sorts about these issues before you called, so your timing was perfect. I just couldn’t get my head around what exactly was the problem. One issue was that my trading screens are set up for me to see the intraday charts when I go to my computer each morning. So here are my action steps to resolve some of my current issues. (1) Remove the intraday charts on my computer screens and set up a watch list and the monthly and weekly charts. (2) Use 1 account for growing my equity using 85 delta calls and puts, and 2nd account to do the income diagonal spreads. I will use a third account for other investment instruments when I learn more about them. (3) I now understand that my “job” is not to stare at the daily fluctuations of prices on every stock that seems to have a “story” and the current indices, but to once a day or once a week go through my watch list and watch/wait for a pull back on the weekly charts. (4) I will write out a detailed and specific plan as how I will enter and manage my trades. (5) my job over time will be to fill up the 3 buckets with Cash Flow instruments, Equity growth instruments and Property/Oil lease income instruments. I want to thank you for helping me break through the resistance and blocks that I was getting from some old hidden beliefs. I knew they were there, but I just couldn’t break through them. They felt so solid. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and will be able to build a long lasting legacy/estate to leave for my decedents and to fund a comfortable retirement. It really does seem so simple now.   I guess I needed to see the whole picture and how each part you are teaching us fits in. Thanks again for your help.”



” Wow-that was simply the most important educational experience (aside from actually trading) that I’ve had in my trading career. What I got and plan to implement better:

Tremendous amount of practical information about what a successful trader does including:

   * considers trades in blocks of 20 and not individually.

   * knows how their system performs in the 6 trading environments and 4 stages through rigorous back-testing of at least 100 trades.

   * knows which markets (YM, CL, stocks, etc.) suits their system.

   * seriously monitors performance on each trade with a self assessment.

   * performs a daily trading assessment with the following questions ….

   * performs a “pilot’s check list” prior to trading to prepare for the trading day.

   * compares theoretical results to actual to watch out for divergence

   * mechanizes the trading system as much as possible before even considering subjective trading.

   * trades all or nothing: i.e., sticks to rules or don’t trade

   * understands your values: am I trading for money or for the love of trading? Start with that 1st.”



“Hey Patrick, Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. What stood out most to me was your discipline in the review process of your trades in regards to not only the trade mechanics themselves but your psychology before/during/after the trade as well. Your documentation and assessment of everything is really something I should incorporate more into my trading. Again, thanks a million for your time and I look forward to more of anything you plan on sharing in the future. “



“Dear Patrick, today’s live trading seminar was like drinking from the proverbial fire hose. Wow. I learned so much more than I expected. You covered plenty of technical aspects of trading, especially your constant emphasis on the basics: knowing the six trading environments and the ones in which your system is designed to work in, recognizing the four stages of a security or market and knowing when to trade, setting positions based on average true range, the proper way to use indicators and a lot more. What impacted me most of all was the incredible discipline which you bring to your trading: not only your emphasis on written rules and checklists, but especially your bird’s-eye overview of both a given market, with all its technicalities, and your psychology—who you are, your values, what you want, your ideals, and how all of these not only affect but outright determine your trading results. I’m going to be digesting this seminar for a long time to come. From one teacher to another, you are an unbelievably gifted teacher and a true inspiration! Wishing you tons of continued success.”


“I love what Sunday Insiders and MTM have been doing for me.  It takes time but the mindset change does take effect.  I keep working at it and applying the principles.  Having a detailed system and plan is so helpful for consistency.  It’s helped me see the bigger picture. Not just in trading but how it all fits together in building wealth. In short… It’s helped me to stop doing stupid shit in my trading that was causing me frustration and reinforcement of bad habits!  I don’t feel like I have to trade.  I love the game, but it is a game and I will win at it. What a pain day trading was that was looking at it from a wiser perspective. The lessons are really sinking in and I’ve been able to get out of chasing the money which inevitably, is a disaster waiting to happen.  I’ve been watching the market and taking notes as to what I would have done in the past on some chart set ups. I absolutely see the frustration I caused myself and why.   Thanks Patrick for hammering home a consistent message. Your Sunday Insiders program has been a life saver.” 

Kip Coon

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