There’s that song again!!!!

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  • September 17, 2018

Let’s imagine you phoned me to help you make BIG profits in your trading!

Imagine the moment I picked up my phone, you heard a particular and distinctive song playing on the phone line.

Now, if that happened, you might think to yourself, “That is odd!!!!!”, or something similar.

Now imagine you called me 20 times different times to help you capture even more profits, and each time you called you heard that exact same song.

If that happened, in your mind, you would be thinking something like, “There’s that song again every time I call Patrick for help”

Now, if you went about your day, maybe it was a week since you last heard from me, a month or even a year….

Then all of a sudden, a car drove by playing the unique song, that very same song you heard every time you spoke to me on the phone…

Your brain would automatically think about Patrick Stockhausen and him helping you to make BIG profits… Now…

We can use this process to enhance your trading.

We can associate the flow state, maybe from a time you traded well and you followed your rules, everything was going to plan and somehow things felt effortless.

We call this “TRADING IN THE ZONE”.

You can program your mind to experience this “TRADING IN THE ZONE” predictably, every time you trade in the future.

How useful would that be?

Here is a conversation with my wife that may give you an edge in your trading and investing.


I hope it helps…….



Charlotte: Patrick can you help me with something?


Patrick Stockhausen: Sure, what do you need help with?


Charlotte: For me, the toughest thing is having the patience to wait for the “best” setup then

acting instantaneously. How do you advise people to solve this? Is that possible or is it something you either have or you do not have?


Patrick Stockhausen: It is a skill, not something you are born with and it is VERY SIMPLE to solve…… you just need to master anchoring, it’s explained in greater detail on this link from my site if you need more detail on how and why anchoring works.

What you need to do Charlotte is anchor a time you were so patient, you didn’t care what was happening around you….

So patient and relaxed, you could wait for anything.

Maybe for you that was a time you were on holiday, feeling completely relaxed…

Soaking in the warm rays of the sun into your skin, oohhhhhhhhh, so relaxed……….

It can be anytime in your life you felt relaxed,…….

Maybe a time you where soaking in a hot bath and all your muscles were feeling so soft and r-e-l-a-x-e-d……

Just pick a time like that …….

Then link that to sitting at your desk watching your charts, waiting for your set up, caring not what the market does around you, until your set up happens.


Charlotte: I can do that no problem


Patrick Stockhausen: cool


Charlotte: That’s great, but, I do not want to feel so relaxed I miss my trade. I need to be ready to take my trade…. I need to combine this lovely relaxed feeling with acting in an instant when the setup happens as I am trading spikes … they happen very fast


Patrick Stockhausen: EASY………. you create two anchors


Patrick Stockhausen: One of patience, feeling so relaxed and patient now


Patrick Stockhausen: And then you anchor a “Grab It” feeling


Patrick Stockhausen: Question… have you ever seen a $10 note on the floor?


Charlotte: Yes!


Patrick Stockhausen: Did you sit around and think about the texture… or who might have touched it…

Or wondered if the last person that touched it had dirty hands……..

Or was it a case of as soon as you saw it, every fibre in your body said “Grab It”, and you acted before you even completed those words in your mind?


Charlotte: Grabbed it!!!!!!!!!!!…… If it was $50 it would be more powerful!


Patrick Stockhausen: Cool, I like that ……… anchor that


Patrick Stockhausen: Any time like that


Patrick Stockhausen: So you have two anchors. What you do is you mentally rehearse the following:


Patrick Stockhausen: Imagine sitting there at your trading desk, patiently waiting for your trade


Patrick Stockhausen: While imagining sitting there, fire off that anchor and really feel that feeling of so relaxed. You got that?


Charlotte: OK!


Patrick Stockhausen: Focus on that feeling as you see what you see, hear what you hear, feel how

good you feel sitting there so patiently and calmly… feeling so good, feeling so relaxed right now!


Patrick Stockhausen: Then as you double that relaxed feeling….. imagine seeing your set up


Patrick Stockhausen: ….and fire off the “grab it” feeling anchor


Patrick Stockhausen: Then imagine as you feel that feeling, acting in the same manner as you acted with the money. Imagine, mentally rehearse grabbing that trade


and doing all the actions perfectly….


Patrick Stockhausen: Mentally rehearse that again and again every morning and every night


Charlotte: OK I’ll do that


Patrick Stockhausen: The more you go over that in your mind, the more your body and mind will engrain that in your unconscious mind, to the point that you find yourself acting on auto pilot.


Patrick Stockhausen: …because it has linked that feeling to your set-up


Patrick Stockhausen: Grab it


Patrick Stockhausen: … And it has linked patience to everything else around it…


Patrick Stockhausen:.. Not caring one bit about anything else


Patrick Stockhausen: Just feeling really relaxed and calm and patient!!!!!


Patrick Stockhausen: How do you think I can sit here sometimes for weeks and take no trades?


Patrick Stockhausen: It’s not will power. I FEEL GOOD WAITING.




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