How To Beat The Professionals & HFTs So That You Win The Trading & Money Game

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  • May 28, 2019

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An amazing interview with Anthony McCarty, who is the founder and managing partner of Alpha Kairos Asset Management.  His goal and passion is to create above-market returns for his clients. As such he created an innovative new model that removes the perverse incentives and low quality returns.

Anthony’s insightful answers could help you 10x your financial trading results.

Listen in as I ask him…


Why you become interested in trading?


What were your initial trading results like?


What were the struggles, major fears, failures and frustrations you were facing while trying to become a consistently profitable trader?


What challenges did you have to overcome to become consistently profitable?


Tell me the one thing that would transform retail trader’s results?


What is the #1 thing traders are doing to sabotage their results?


What is the best way for retail traders to structure their trading so that they win the game?


And much, much, much more…..


Enjoy the amazing interview




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