Trading is the ultimate measure of personal development?

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  • November 20, 2014

Do you agree with the following statement?


trading is


 Do you agree with this, and to what degree is the love of personal development the reason you are trading?
Are you trading because you have a background in personal development or are you only trading because it is a possible way to make money for your lifestyle needs and to pay your bills?


  • Jeckel says:

    Hi Patrick,

    I have never really thought about my love for personal development and tying it to my love for trading. It makes perfect sense though. The more I learn from personal development and adjust my life plan I also apply it to my trading without even thinking about it. I always looked at trading as something I excelled at while truly enjoying the results I am able to produce. While yes it is a way for me to make money, it’s not my main job. My main job pays the bills and allows my family to live comfortably. Trading on the other hand is something in addition that helps us to continue to build on the foundation we worked so hard to create and maintain in all areas of our life. This reflects directly upon you statement and our love for continuous personal development. Thank you for all you do and contribute to our hunger to be better!

  • bruce says:

    I agree with the statement put that way. At first I didn’t really think about personal development with trading and then after feeling enough pain I realized that it was the most important part of trading. I’m trading for the love of the challenge, of course I want to be consistent with my trades and the money will come when I’ve mastered my discipline So I’m not trading to pay bills, I’m trading to purchase assets so they can pay my bills.

  • Scott says:

    I started trading to make money pay bills and generate wealth. As it didn’t work out as planned it became an exercise about personal development, acquiring patience, learning strategy and strengthening skill sets that i was not interested in the past about. However in the end after breaking even after two years of the full time trading (breakeven included fees, slippage etc.) involved in day trading I stepped back into an income producing arena that didn’t involve day or swing trading.

  • marty Gretchens dad says:

    Patrick,= he hit the nail on the head for me. that’s exactly why I trade I’ve been doing this a long time this takes a long time to be successful. when I met you several years ago I have put together a system that worked well for me however it was extremely frustrating and stressful. with the things you’ve taught me, and mostly some offhand remark she make, have help me remove 80% of the stress, become more successful, and just plain understand the system, in the past I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the system, but as we both know it’s not about the stock market system, it’s about your inner being in your personal system. I think I’ve said this before but thank you for all you’ve taught me. I’ll never be able to say thank you enough. Gretchen’s dad

  • Jerry says:

    Patrick – since learning how to trade I also discovered ( through my failures ) that trading was a good reflection of me as a person . I could see the ‘real’ me as I traded . I then became aware of all the stuff that I was believing – that was wrong . The search for Truth to believe in, lies at the heart of myself and my trading now . The correct beliefs to hold in my mind , My true values and the Perception of myself that was determining my results before I had even placed a trade !! Now I truly believe that – ‘ It is not so much the Million that was the most important – It is who I had to become to get the million ‘ .

  • John says:

    The stock market is a direct reflection of where you are in your self development. I remember my father saying I would only do things at the last minute and this holds true in trading. Not because of trading but because I took on the belief of someone else and NOW the market shows me this. How else could I see it except in something I love. Have no doubt the market will not allow you to hide from yourself. All things are revealed to those who look inside.

  • Chris (CAG) says:


    That is the best paragraph summing up trading that I have ever read. Nice work.

  • Glenn says:

    I have found that the more I understand myself, especially in regards to my focus and my practice habits, the better I trade.

  • Michael says:

    Initially, I was drawn to the independence of trading and the challenge of doing what few could do but quickly realized that it was the hardest thing I have ever attempted. I realized that I needed to internalize and know more about me and less about the external market environment. I realized that I needed to control what I could control and mitigate what I could not control. I thought the markets were what needed to be controlled and spent many years trying to understand markets and systems when in fact I needed to understand and control myself, my actions, my emotions, my thoughts, my discipline, my time, my plans and my life. The feeling I got from my perfection during trading was what I enjoyed and the growth in my accounts was a bonus.

  • Larry says:

    Well, I am not so sure about the extreme words … “ultimate”, “most … unadultrated”. However, in general, my own experience is that the spirit of this statement is true. It has been that way for me. Learning to trade well is a significant form of psychotherapy.

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