Why A Billionaire Said “It Is Your DNA That Will Determine Your Financial Net Worth”… And How To Change It?

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  • March 17, 2014



What is your prime motivation for trading, investing and building wealth?
Is it because you want a particular lifestyle or something else?
Rich people’s desires are different from 99% of the world’s… and you need to align
yours with theirs to achieve your financial goals…. otherwise you will keep getting more
of what you already have.
Discover why a billionaire said “It is your DNA that determines if you will be wealthy or
not.”, what your DNA is guiding you to do with your money and what rich people are
driven by.


After Watching The Video Please Post Below What Is Your Top 2 Initial Reasons For Wanting Trading Success And We Will Create a Video, Shortly Explaining How You Can Think Like The Rich And Still Get What YOU Want As A Result Of Trading Success. 



  • Miles says:

    Future security and current life style

  • Carlo says:

    Very good and thought provoking.
    My answers are:

    Help my partner to retire
    Once they are safe, freedom to travel and contribute to a community.

    What was very interesting is that i did not think of building wealth at all.

    Thanks Patrick!

  • Stephen says:

    1. I want to master investing so that I can teach it to my children and pass it on to future generations
    2. Financial security and independence for my family to enable them to pursue a fulfilling life

  • Edward Breslin says:

    Be, Do, Have and Learned DNA = Investments