Why If You Trade To Make Money You Will Be An Unprofitable Trader!

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  • May 23, 2016


I want you to cut the crap and tell the truth when I ask you the following question…

For the truth will set you free and make you rich!

Why are you HONESTLY trading?

  • Is it because you just love the back testing process?
  • Is it because you love mastering the art of trade execution?
  • Is it because you love the mental challenge?
  • Is it because you love competing against other institutions and smart money?
  • Is it because you love the significance of telling people you are a trader?
  • Is it because it is the best career in the world?
  • Is it because it gets you more sex from your partner and love from your family just for being involved in the markets?
  • Is it because it improves your physical health and beauty?
  • Is it because it gives you massive social influence?


  • Is it because you want the by-product of successful trading… The Money?


I will tell you this…

98% of unprofitable traders are trading because they want the money…

This focus is causing them to lose.

98% of consistently profitable traders are trading for another reason…

Find out what that reason is…

Want to know how to systematically pull all the essential components of trading together (winning psychology, system, money management and business plans), so that you can become a consistently profitable traders, grow your income and create generational wealth for you and your family within one decade?

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money is

taking a loss


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