Why J P Getty Said You Need To Think Like A Millionaire First

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  • September 5, 2014



When John Paul Getty was the wealthiest man on earth, prior to his death, he said,



 “To become a millionaire you have to think like a millionaire.”



But what exactly does it mean to think like a millionaire?


Apart from having the right beliefs and values of a millionaire, one of the key steps to achieving financial wealth is to avoid starting from a psychological place of lack. You must start with the thought that you already have what you want.




Because your thoughts create your feelings.


You feelings determine your actions.


Your actions determine your results.


So if you start with the thought “I do not have”, this creates desperation and attracts you to all the losing “get rich quick” schemes and ideas.


This leads to losing money, which compounds the thoughts of I do not have, which creates the poor feeling, which leads you to do what poor people do.


It is a vicious cycle most people find themselves caught up in.




The Rockerfeller Effect


There is a great story that very few people know about. It reinforces my point.


It was back when John D Rockefeller (one of the richest men of all time!) was about 74 years old.


As the story goes, there was a middle aged man, we will call him Frank, who ran a rundown manufacturing business that he inherited from his dad.


This business was in deep trouble.  The machinery was old and broken.


He couldn’t afford to fix the machines. 


And his office looked like it had just been hit by an avalanche of bills.


And then it happened…


Christmas, the season to be jolly, came around – BUT not for Frank …


He had no money to buy gifts for his family or to give any of his staff a bonuses.


And one day he came home to a frail, decaying tree that his children had found lying on the street as they knew he couldn’t afford to buy one.


He just couldn’t take it anymore, so that night, after putting his kids to bed, he whispered to his wife that he needed to go out for a walk and get some fresh air.


Frank lived a few miles from Central Park so made his way in that general direction.


As he walked towards the park he crossed over a bridge and something inside him made him stop and look over the side of the bridge…


He thought to himself “I’m worthless, I can’t support my family, I have no net worth – but I have a lot of insurance – if this bridge rail were to break, my family would be able to get all my insurance money!”


So he started leaning heavily and pushing against the rail with all his weight – and just as he heard it starting to crack he heard a voice…


“Hey there, what do you think you’re doing!”


“This is Christmas Eve – why would you want to do that?”


So he poured his heart out to this stranger and told him the whole story.


“Haven’t you got any faith young man” said the stranger. 


“Don’t talk to me about faith – that’s not going to help me now” he replied angrily.


“Alright, I’ll show you what faith is  – you obviously haven’t recognised me – I’m John Rockefeller and I’m going to write you this check for $1 Million dollars right now.”


“I want you to put this check in your safe at work and only cash it if you must….that is my faith in you”


And he continued …


“But I don’t think you will cash it in – in fact I will meet you on this very bridge in 12 months, next Christmas Eve, and I believe you will hand me back this very check and you will have turned your business around!”


So Frank goes back to work the next day with a completely different mind-set and a renewed attitude. 


Over the next 12 months, with tremendous belief that he already has made $1 million no matter what, he feels and acts differently.


He turns his business completely around, he makes more money than he ever has and knows he can make even more every year, because he already has $1 million in the safe.  


12 months later, having made several million in his business Frank cannot wait to tell Mr. Rockerfeller his good news.


But when he goes to the bridge on Christmas Eve there is no one there…


He waits for a few hours, gives up and starts walking back, thinking he will just have to tear the check up….. at which point he sees John Rockefeller sitting on a bench in front of a house. 


He runs up to him and tells him everything that has happened in the last 12 months and how he never used the check…


At which point Mr Rockefeller says  – “you must be mistaken, I have no idea who you are and I am not John Rockefeller, my name is Andrew Carnegie!”


Well Frank had no idea what was going on when a lady in a nurses uniform comes walking down the path to the bench and says


“There you are sir, it’s time to take you back home “. 


She then looks at Frank and says,


“I hope he wasn’t bothering you, I’m taking care of him, as he has a slight mental disorder and keeps telling people he is John D Rockefeller or Andrew Carnegie and writing big checks!”


So…Why Did I Tell You This Story


Because, I want you to realise that it wasn’t the check that helped Frank turn his finances around. 


The check was just a worthless piece of paper..


It was the change in his mind-set that made the difference!


It was the creativity, the optimism and the mental state that the check allowed him to go into.


That’s what helped him turn his financial situation around… his mind!


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  • Piero says:

    Really great story. Hope to hear from You soon.

  • Rich Wraith says:

    Interested to see how this compares with Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. Sounds like it’s pretty much in the same category.

  • Edward Breslin says:

    1. What the mind of man/woman can conceive and believe, it can achieve. You need to first “really” believe you can, before you can.

    2. Have confidence in yourself to achieve and the universe will provide the stepping stones leading to your success.

  • Brian Johnson says:

    Great story, it just goes to show how your thoughts effect your thinking how they shift your mindset into a different sphere and dimension. I am going to print this out and re-read whenever I have that feeling of lack.

  • Yvonne Smolenski says:

    Thanks a great story. Like Brian I have printed this out. I will also adapt it to give to the staff in a workplace who are demonstrating anything but being happy and successful.